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Let us start by saying… Not all NATO straps are the same; and we have been disappointed so many times!

It’s true, a picture speaks a thousand words, but it is also true that pictures can be flattering too. We can’t tell you how many times we have bought a NATO strap that looks superb in a picture, only to be an ugly duckling when received. You know the sort of thing – badly cut and frayed edges, thin and stiff “unbending” nylon and miserly chrome fittings loosely held on by poor stitching.

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We have developed our own NATO straps, upgrading every element, starting with the fabrics we use. Most NATO straps are either 1mm, or if a premium item 1.2mm thick, which is nothing but truly horrid. Our NATO straps come in 1.4mm thickness as standard, we wouldn’t accept anything less and nor should you.

0.2mm thicker doesn’t sound like much, but it brings many advantages.

Firstly, 1.4mm fabrics are much better quality; having an interlocked weave stitch structure, rather than the ribbed weave of thinner types. The threads used are thicker too, meaning it’s finish is much smoother to the touch, with a Satin-like feel. The extra thickness increases durability, but doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Next we looked at the Buckle and Keepers. Our Buckles and Keepers are manufactured from brushed 316L stainless steel, and are heavier than usual, giving that robust luxury, one would expect.  We upgraded the buckle architecture by using a 3mm wide prong, which will not break or bend. We also revised the adjustment holes from round holes, to laser cut 3mm x 2mm rectangles.

Finally, we addressed how the buckle and keepers are attached to the strap. We have seen heat-welding, and even gluing of attachments on cheap NATO straps. Neither provide the strength we were looking for. Instead, we have opted for heavy-weight double stitching which holds every element tightly in place.

Our straps measure 280mm long, so can almost be described as “Universal-Fit”. However, for accuracy, the strap should be suitable for wrists between 7.5 and 10 inches (180-260mm). They also come in two widths: 20 and 22mm.

We believe we have built the ultimate NATO Strap. Our NATO Straps will never let you down, whatever you might throw at them!

Quick Details:
Product: Bond NATO Strap
Material: 1.4mm Seatbelt Nylon
Colour: Black Red and Green
Thickness: 1.4mm
Size: 20mm or 22mm
Length: 280mm
Logo: Chrono Duo engraved to buckle
Buckle & Retainers: 316L Brushed Stainless Steel

Additional information

Additional information

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