Doxa Sub 300T “Aqualung” Sharkhunter


Here, we have the SUB 300s son or daughter, but let us say “next generation” in these politically correct times; a very special DOXA 300T “Aqualung” Sharkhunter.

We have talked about this watch’s backstory within our write-up of a “Sub 300 “Black Lung” we are lucky enough to have for sale. Look it up on Chrono24!

Remember, the SUB 300 was an innovative watch, specifically designed for both Professional and Recreational divers, and as DOXA sold their watches through dive shops, rather than jewellers, they had proper feedback from their clients.

Let’s not forget Jacques Cousteau was also heavily involved in retailing these watches throughout the USA, through his company US Divers Co., so he and his team would have also suggested upgrades they felt necessary.

The lessons learned, were quickly implemented, and within a year of the SUB 300s introduction, a series of improvements were made to enhance legibility and the ease of use of the watch whilst diving; ultimately increasing the wearer’s safety.

So, in 1967, the SUB 300T was born…

And what were those improvements?

Well, the case was made larger, to house the increased size dial, from 27mm to 28mm. The domed Perspex crystal was replaced with flat mineral glass, lessening the distortion of the dial underwater. The bezel was increased in thickness to make it even easier to handle with diving gloves.

And finally, the blatant issue with the second’s hand was resolved by adding a luminous insert into its iconic square lollipop hand ensuring its visibility, whatever it happened to be passing over that was printed on the dial!

This SUB 300T Sharkhunter (Black dial) is even more special; in that, it was sold through Jacques’ U.S. Divers operation, as it carries the outline “aqualung” logo in its third quartile of the dial. It is thought that less than 300 of these exist, but who knows?

Overall, this SUB 300T is in great condition.

The case has a few dings here and there, but it should have them, after all, this watch was built to be used in the harshest of environments. The hands, the matt black dial and bezel are all original too and show that lovely patina, only age can create. The crown has been replaced during its lifetime, which is a shame, but not a disaster.

The case back is an early example having the Sailboat medallion within its centre, with the reference number and serial numbers stamped above and below.

The watch had a full service in October 2021, so is working as you would expect.

The 300T is a classic, tough, and reliable piece that is unmistakable as a tool watch. It looks as good today as it did in the 60s and 70s and it’s rare too!

For many people, the classic black Sharkhunter dial was preferable to the orange dial of the Professional or the silver dial of the Searambler.

Despite being a diving tool watch, DOXA sold SUB 300T watches to people who were not divers, but who liked the style and functionality of the watch. For them, a black dial was more suitable when wearing a suit or more formal attire.

The same rationale holds true today with many dive watches being sold to people who have never been diving. Affectionately known as ‘desk divers’, their watches even though rated for 600 meters or more, will never see water depths greater than that of the bathtub!