About – who are The Chrono Duo?

Vintage watch lovers certainly, but who are The Chrono Duo?

Like many good ideas, The Chrono Duo was born out of a long evening sat drinking and talking vintage watches and timepieces. The two founders, Simon and David realised that they wanted to share their passion for vintage watches by setting up a place where like minded enthusiasts and collectors would find interesting, affordable vintage timepieces that come with a history.

There are many sites across the internet that specialise in selling a particular brand, such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, IWC, Breitling, Panerai, Jaegar Le Coultre, Hublot and not forgetting Audemars Piguet. There are others that concentrate on areas such as Swiss watches or Japanese Seiko watches. That’s all fine but, our bent is vintage watches. Not only do we want to sell you a vintage watch, we want to make sure you can find out the story behind it, its history and what makes it an interesting fun vintage timepiece to own!

So, The Chrono Duo is based on two important principles. Any vintage watch we offer for sale will come with a very detailed description, along with high quality photographs so you can see exactly what you are considering buying. We also want to give someone who is interested in one of our vintage timepieces, the ability to talk to us before, during and after your purchase. You can come and see us too, we love talking vintage watches!

The hunt and the chase for that elusive rare vintage chronograph; or slim elegant vintage dress watch from the past, is half the fun. We are first and foremost, two vintage watch lovers, pure and simple. So, we have set out to find interesting vintage timepieces, some which we hope you won’t have seen before; that we like first and foremost and hope you will too.

Vintage watches from the 1950’s through to the turn of the century evoke a certain style; they come with a tantalising mix of design philosophies and history. In fact, they are vintage watches for modern times, and this is what we are all about. Finally some answers to the most common questions we are often asked.

My first watch?

Simon: That’s a tough one. My memory is of a Red-faced, TV-style watch, although I can’t remember the brand. My inclination is to say it was a Timex in the classic 70’s style.

David: A fibreglass case(!) Tissot Sideral

What are you wearing today?

Simon: That should be “what have you worn, so far, today”! So far, I have worn a recently acquired Angelus Chronodato, a Philip Caribbean 1500, and a white gold Rolex Daytona that’s off for a service. I am eyeing up my Omega “Dark Side of the Moon” for early afternoon.

David: Omega Speedmaster Straight writing 145.002

Your grail watch and why?

Simon: I’m pleased to say, I already have my Grail watch and it really is nothing special. It is a 28mm Rotary with a round dial, set in a square-ish solid gold (but only 9ct!) cushion case. It doesn’t have a crystal, an hour hand; or a seconds hand for that matter. The whole cruddy mess is topped off by a sweat ridden NATO strap with a rusty buckle.

Why on earth is that your Grail?, I hear you ask.

Well, it was my father’s watch which he wore during his Army career in Nigeria and happens to be the watch He was wearing on the day I was born. One day, I would love to find somebody to bring it back to working condition.

David: A tad more expensive than Simon’s choice, and alas I don’t already own one. A vintage stainless steel Patek Philippe 1518. Just look at it!

From your present collection, if you could only keep one, which one and why?

Simon: My Grail of course, but I would sneak my Omega Dark Side of the Moon in somewhere when nobody was looking. Oh and my Pulsar Gold plated P3 LED Time Computer – I just love it!

David: Tempting to cheat like Simon and list more than one, but it would be my first serious vintage piece; a Rolex 1970s Red Submariner.

Best value watch on sale today?

Simon: Smaller brand 1970s chronographs give you a lot of bang for your buck.

David: Any Seiko, but especially the SKX007 Divers watch. For the money, nothing gets close. Everyone should have one.

One piece of advice to new collectors/enthusiasts?

Simon: Buy what you like, not what everybody else thinks you should. Buy the best you can and budget extra to look after it.

David: There’s lots of watches out there, so go slow and do your research.

David Copeman

Simon Kelly