SCUBAPRO 500 “Tuna Can” Divers

SCUBA divers love SCUBAPRO!

The brand itself, and the quality of every product they sell. SCUBAPRO is, after all, almost as old as the sport itself, having been founded in 1963.

They built their reputation by offering superlative diving essentials such as Regulators, Fins and Masks. Their clear silicone mask brought them wider attention when Jaqueline Bisset wore one in the 1977 film “The Deep”. It’s clear silicone surround, rather than the usual black, giving greater light to the actress’s eyes and face.

When it came to their diving watches, SCUBAPRO spared no expense in specifying components and construction methods that met the needs of their professional and military diver clientele, they collaborated with different manufacturers over the years to ensure the highest quality products.

Admired by dive watch enthusiasts for their unique PVD “Tuna Can” design, SCUBAPRO 500 dive watches from the mid-70’s are rarely released from private collections, and when they are, they are usually battered from hard use in the sport they were designed for.

Ours has lived an easier life and without doubt, ours is a beauty!

It does show some signs of normal wear but isn’t overly worn; just the odd blemish on the PVD. The dial and hands are clean with crisp luminescent elements and the unidirectional bezel is beautifully faded and retains its triangular orange hour marker too. The case, which measures 45mm in diameter, is protected by a PVD treated outer case. It retains its original Isofrane Rubber Strap which makes this large watch comfortable on the wrist. The crown at 4 o’clock turns very smoothly when setting the time or date.

The flat mineral crystal is slightly recessed in order to prevent damage and scratches. Inevitably, the crystal is lightly scratched, but we are really impressed by how this simple feature has saved it from the ravages of time. Compare and contrast to a Seiko dive watches domed crystal after many years of abuse to see what we mean!

Inside is an ETA 2784 automatic movement which was described by our watchsmith as in almost “New Old Stock” condition. None-the-less, it has been fully serviced and is working perfectly with good power reserve.

So, there you have it, a “Swiss” Tuna that is as rare as Seahorse teeth.

Don’t hold your breath, this won’t be around for long!